What We Do

Anaya Aid is a UK based humanitarian organisation providing international support responding to human sufferings in emergency and disaster situations all over the world regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, class and religion.

Our History

Anaya Aid formerly known as Buttercup Primary was established mid 2013. It was as a result of the children in London’s east end who wanted to help the children who are suffering in Syria due to the ongoing war. With the help of the children, their parents and other supporters we were able to purchase some ambulances, medical equipment and sweets for the children in Syria. We then joined an 83 vehicle convoy to Syria!
Since then we have taken convoys to Bosnia and Syria whereby we have delivered aid to those in need in disaster stricken areas.
In 2015 we also started an orphan sponsorship program in Gaza Palestine.
Today we send containers filled with food, clothes, medical equipment, and emercency vehicles as well as toys for the children on a monthly basis. We also work with partners nationally and internationally providing aid distribution to those in most need.

Our Volunteers

  • Fahim Roy
  • Ishmail Hassan
  • Amir Arshad
  • Khalid Khan
  • Hameed Ashgar
  • Zahra Bux
  • Mohammad Khan
  • Tahmina Quddus
  • Jalal Derfoufi
  • Shabbir Afzal
  • Housam Rasllan

Our Staff

  • Abdul-Haq - staff member
  • Otman el haddad - West London Branch Manager
  • Mohammed khenoussi - West London Branch Manager
  • Nour Abu-Roomi - Trustee & Cardiff Branch Manager
  • Jaclyn - Fund raiser & Cardiff Branch Manager

Management Team

Mohammed Tahir Malik

Sohail Khan

Pervaz Nazir

Nour Abu-Roomi